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 Unlimited revisions 

 Unlimited revisions 

You need compelling content? #copythat
Want more viewers, customers, increased conversions and sales? 
 Say hello to Copycat London 
Need help crafting your content and honing your brand messaging?
 The UK's chicest copywriting and content marketing house
It ain’t what you say, it’s the way that you say it. And that's what gets results!

I learnt that it’s not just what you say, but how you say it that matters. And I would love to breathe fresh life into your copy.


One of my favourite copy-wiring techniques is brand storytelling. I love crafting content that engages and takes you on a journey.  I’m also a bit of an empath.


But I also understand the importance of making data-driven decisions to maximise conversions and copy efficiencies. That’ll be my DRTV days where a product lived and died by the £’s per minute it generated.


I’ve helped my clients drive 7-figure product sales launches thanks to the copy, content and brand strategies executed.  I’d love to sprinkle some of my magic copy dust on your content!


I’ve got a strong specialism in health, beauty, skincare, fashion and well-being and have helped dozens of global brands ignite their product sales, increase their consumer connections and drive serious conversions (and conversations) through the power of my copy.

Now it’s your turn. 

If words don’t come easy for you, let CopyCat.London be the ice and slice to your gin and tonic, sending your clicks, sales and profits… supersonic. Yup, I also love a cheesy pun. 


If you’re ready to start, grow or scale your business you’ve come to the right place #copythat. So why don’t we have a chat. Cos trust me, I’m a proper chatty cat!

The Copycat approach. 
My business WHY?

I’m dedicated to empowering business owners through the power of words and content to unleash their full potential. I’m on a mission to help your brand, product, or service stand out and sell out!


I’m your biggest cheerleader, your No. 1 fan girl! You deserve to be successful.

Hello, I'm Cat! Lovely to meet you.

I founded CopyCat.London after a successful 30-year career in the DRTV industry. Let me tell you, that was a blast and I’m blessed to still have so many dynamic and entrepreneurial people in my life from those trail-blazing days.


But wait, there’s more! 


What happened to make me leave a high-paid Marketing Director role in the city I can almost hear you murmur. Full disclosure, I also left a gorgeous flat in Islington but that’s a story for another day.


I had a bit of an epiphany if you like. Or you might prefer to call it a wake-up call!  I used to be quite the media Queen, jetting around the world in a pair of towering designer heels (I’m a short arse by the way), usually leaving a trail of glitter behind me! 


Suddenly I was sitting in my fluffy slippers (Gucci obvs) thinking about how I could put all my experience from selly telly into something more purposeful and fulfilling. Don’t get me wrong, I’m still a raving fan of a CTA. Nothing quite beats telling it how it is and calling your audience into action. 


Yup, you know’s it. Midlife got me wanting to discover my souls purpose! And for me, writing is like breathing, so yes, copywriting is more than just a passion; it is my purpose. 


Despite the tongue-in-cheek play on words, my content is always guaranteed to be 100% original, responsive and engaging. 


I love brand storytelling and working with my clients to create impactful and highly converting copy and content strategies.

I know what works. 

I know exactly what works and what doesn’t. The data never lies! 


Besides engaging with your audience and reinforcing your brand messaging, I totally get it…conversions matter, and so does building credibility and trust. 


You’re brilliant at what you do; let me be brilliant at what I do and help get you noticed, get you leads and get you ready to launch or scale your business.


I’ve developed a tried and tested copy and brand messaging formula that delivers results and I want to pass all of that magic onto you. It’s deeply rooted in real, human connections and psychology and isn’t generative or automated. Don’t get me started on AI. 


Basically, I’m obsessed with helping other creatives and entrepreneurs get the recognition they deserve by helping them put together copy that converts. 


If you let me, I’ve got you! 




Content that will always grab attention



Consistent brand communication




100% original, authentic and always empathic



 Content that ranks highly & gets conversions

 Fast turnaround times 
 Tailored content 
 Proven formulas 

 Unlimited revisions 

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