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What exactly is Beauty Pie and how can you be a part of this luxury beauty buyers club?

For those of you who aren't yet #piegirls, you really don't know what you're missing. The brainchild of Marcia Kilgore, who has quite the #beautyboss industry reputation having launched Bliss Spa and Soap & Glory amongst others, this is her self-declared "best idea yet." Quite frankly, who are we to argue!

We love disruptors and upstarts in any industry. Rebels with a cause!

In this case, Marcia and BeautyPie most definitely have a cause. They are dedicated to bringing direct to consumer luxury beauty at affordable pricing accessible to ALL.

Amen to that.

High-performance anti-aging skincare should be the birthright of all women, not just the uber-rich ones. We all deserve a chance to look our best for as long as we deem it appropriate. Personally, here at copycat.loves, we'll be slapping on the #superretinol till the day we pop our size four #louboutins!

With transparent pricing and a firm focus on delivering innovative and best in class nonstop luxury products that are nothing short of a steal, never a splurge, Marcia is undoubtedly giving the mainstream luxury cosmetic brands a veritable run for their money. In this case, it's definitely an ultramarathon, not a sprint! If you're not yet a member, go sign up today and be a part of the world's first luxury beauty product buyers club. Seriously, who doesn't love luxury skincare at everyday prices?


No middlemen

No shop fits

No retailer markups

No Celebrity marketing


Just the very best luxury skincare, makeup, fragrances, candles and haircare formulas you can get your manicured hands on.

If you're looking for a new hand cream, by the way, they stock that too.


Super Healthy Skin Nourishing Body Polish

This stuff is bloody brilliant. Not only does it smell divine but it delivers unbeatably smooth, soft and hydrated skin that's baby soft to touch. It's packed with Omega essential oils as well as coconut milk, mango and papaya enzymes. Apple stem cell extracts plus the uplifting and luxurious citrusy scent of orange, lemon and bean essence are also blended into this genius scrub.

It effectively sloughs away dead skin cells but in a totally nourishing way that doesn't leave skin feeling tight or stripped of moisture. Coconut milk gives an added boost of natural hydration. It's suitable for all skin types and is best used in the bath or shower twice a week. There's something profoundly ritualistic and deeply decadent about this Italian formulated body polish. It leaves almost a thin film of delicate wax on the skin but in the best possible way. Locking in moisture for skin that demands to be caressed. Yes, we loveeee it!

Leave a comment below and let us know what your favourite Beauty Pie product is.

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