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Bleach London Silver Shampoo Product Review

Being a #blondebombshell is hard work. Gwen Stefani might make it look effortless but believe our permanently grown out roots and shriveled split-ends, it most certainly ain't!

Worse still, if you're not naturally a blonde (shhhhh, it's top-secret) and have been dying your hair for over 30 years, it's bound to be a bit distressed! Poor old Cat had a terrible case of chewing gum hair about 12 months ago after experimenting with a full head bleach and tone rather than her usual foil highlights.

It was a hair-raising horror scene!

If you prefer the icy queen look as opposed to the brassy drag queen one darlings, then you need to nourish and maintain your locks to keep them looking and feeling luscious.

Finding the right balance between maintaining those light tones in between bleaching, without ending up with comedy colour hair can be challenging.

So many colour protecting and enhancing shampoos go that one step too far. You end up getting a slap on the wrists from your colour stylist next time you pop into the salon as they try to strip away the candy pink hue. Fine if that's the look you're going for (we love mermaid's hair) but if you prefer a very #cleanblonde, the kind that's pristine, white and bright, then some shampoos can deliver too much colour pigmentation.

Step forward Bleach London's silver shampoo.

It's ideal for knocking back the yellow tones that can creep back in. Plus, it's also packed with wheat proteins and vitamin B5 which intensely nourish stressed-out strands. Winner, winner. Best used every other wash, combine with the conditioner to really amplify the results.


Softly hydrated, superbly smooth and icy white hair that's bright and consistent and will see you passably through to your next head of


We also love that #bleachlondon is doing its bit for sustainability. The cardboard packaging is 100% recycled, and while the plastic isn't just yet, it will be by 2020. What we love most about this brand story though, is that it's all about innovation, entrepreneurialism and friendship. From one sink in Dalston to three salons and a successful retail business. It just goes to show how far you can go in this world with #greathair and #fabulousfriends.

Leave a comment below and let us know how you nourish and protect your coloured hair?

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