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Dior Lip Maximizer Product Review

When a brand has the same initials as your owner, there's a genuine curiosity to check that the hype is the real deal. We're talking CD, and specifically in the case of today's product review, #christiandior. Can't afford the handbags and the skincare is pretty pricey too but there's always spare change every month for a new lippie!

Back when our very own CD was a little lass in Yorkshire, they used to call lipgloss "chippy lips" because it gave them that greasy, lip-smackingly luscious look! Now that she's a bone fide #essexgirl, #lipfillers and #enhancements are all de rigeur but if you still prefer to #fakeit, what's the alternative?

Well, the answer is Dior's Lip Maximizer line.

A gorgeous collection of seven wearable shades, providing 24-hour lasting hydration and up to a 29% plumping effect. It's pout-tastic but not remotely in a trout-like way!

Lips look and feel fuller and sexier without feeling like a blow-up plastic doll, designed by a perv of a man! You can play at being glamorous and revel for the evening in your kissable pillowy lips, without having to go anywhere near a needle or a filler.


Maximum hydration

Instant volume

PLUS a long-term effect.

The formulation has been engineered to leave lips up to 86% smoother in just 4 weeks. So all that's missing really is more kissing!It's no surprise to learn that it contains our very own favourite wonder ingredient, #hyaluronicacid. The tiny spheres plump the lips for a volumising effect. No wonder it's the makeup artist's backstage favourite. It's going to be our Christmas party handbag essential.

We're currently wearing shade No12 #rosewood. The perfect wearable pink for every day. Just the right amount of pigmentation to give a lovely pop of colour and shine. It's long-lasting too, so should stay put for hours depending upon how much pouting and kissing you have planned.

Get ready to lock lips with Dior's new backstage lip plumper.

Leave a comment below and let us know which is your favourite #lipmaximizer shade.

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