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How To Become A Beauty Blogger And Get Paid For Doing What you LOVE

Beauty Content Creator

Sounds like the dream job, right? Being sent all the latest skincare, makeup and cosmetic products by the worlds most iconic brands to trial and review and offer up your honest appraisal on the good, the bad and the (definitely not at all) ugly!

Blogging is big business these days. Most of the leading reputable global brands have a budget set aside for bloggers and influencers. The ones who really want to serve their customers and give them extra value and engagement, know it makes excellent commercial sense to write their own brand blog full of useful tips and tricks on how to get the most from the products in their portfolio.

Assuming you want in on the action and have a burning desire to blog about anti-ageing skincare for living or the latest must-have makeup trends, just where do you get started? After all, it’s a competitive space where audience, reach, likes and engagement take time, money and long hours to gain.

We’re here to give you some valuable insight into how you can fast track your ambitions and hopefully get paid to boot!

Breaking into the world of beauty blogging certainly isn’t for the faint-hearted or the shy and retiring kind but there are some top tips that you can incorporate to help fast track your success. As always here at CopyCat.London, we're here to help you fast track your success. Collaboration Queens! That's what we're here for.

Beauty Blogger

Top tips to become a successful (aka paid) beauty blogger in 2022

Define your niche

You need to come up with an idea that’s unique to you. We know, it’s all pretty much been done but just how can you put your own unique spin on being the best beauty blogger? It could be the imagery you select, the type of products you focus on, your tone of voice. Hone in on something that is uniquely YOU and don’t be afraid to shine that spotlight.

Decide upon your audience

Who do you want to be reading your blog? Are you targeting the over forty market with cash to splash who might be interested in cosmetic enhancements and procedures or is your niche going to be women interested in organic skincare and a holistic approach to their anti-ageing routine? Always be aware of your audience and be sure to communicate with them in an appropriate tone of voice. Likewise, choose imagery and styling that matches their vibe. Candy pink stripes, flamingoes and unicorns might be currently in vogue for tweenies but for a mature audience, keep it more highly stylised an editorial looking with clean and simple fonts and imagery.

Rome wasn’t built in a day and neither will be your audience

Understand that writing and running a successful beauty blog takes time and commitment. We know it might look glamorous but believe us, it’s a long hard slog to the top. Writing quality copy is a commitment that takes long hours and you might need to do it in conjunction with keeping up a full-time job or studying for a degree until you’re able to monetise it successfully. Manage your time wisely and try not to get too demotivated. There are so many inspiring bloggers out there living and breathing their dream job so look to them for motivation and keep on writing.

It’s all about quality not quantity

Don’t just churn out content for the sake of it. Engaging content that is insightful, helpful and that really connects with your audience is important not just any old drivel. You are better off writing one or two articles a month, well researched with beautiful accompanying imagery rather than a half-hearted and meaningless daily post.

Sort out the technical side of things

Decide which platform you are going to work with and make sure you grab your own personalised domain so that you look more professional. They needn’t be expensive and there are plenty of sites you can use to search for that perfect URL for your new beauty blog.

Collaborate with the brands you love

Don’t be afraid of reaching out to the brands you love. They’re more receptive to bloggers than ever before but they need to know who you are before they can start sending you products to review. Join their affiliate programmes, become a brand ambassador if they have a programme in place and also be sure to tag and share the content you produce that names them and their products. Try not to get too disheartened if you get rejected. Remember that they literally get inundated with requests for collaborations and just as you need to define your audience clearly, so they too need to vet theirs.

Monetise your content

There are plenty of ways in which you can monetise your blog and even though you might not start out being able to pay yourself a monthly wage, keep at it and the rewards will come. Besides being gifted a whole host of goodies, set your site up so that you can sell advertising space and display ads and banners from appropriate brands. Google AdSense runs an excellent programme, or you could join a blogging network like EtailPR. Offer to write sponsored posts and as we already mentioned, apply to be a brand ambassador or sign up to an affiliate scheme so that you get paid for purchases made via your referrals.

Get networking with your peers

Focus on at least two social media sites and do them both well. Follow and comment on other more influential bloggers posts and get yourself engaged in conversation and debate about products you love. Slowly but surely you will build up genuine engagement with like-minded fellow bloggers and gain the trust of their followers also. Join blogging networks like Bloglovin’ and EtailPR and also share and link your latest blog posts via all your own social media channels.

Most of all, do it with passion and conviction and love every minute of creating compelling beauty content that your audience will want to like and share. You might not land that contract with your favourite beauty brand today but this time next year they might be knocking on your door! You’re going to want to make sure that your home that day!

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