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How to Use Social Media to Boost Your Beauty Brand Online. 6 Essential Tips

How to Boost Your Beauty Brand Online

Building a beauty brand online in 2019 is about so much more than putting out content. Even the most attractive looking Instagram feed won't convert a like to a sale if your brand is not following these essential 6 social media tips. The biggest and busiest beauty brands in the world right now haven't built up a loyal fan base by chance. They've ploughed time, money and resources into dominating the cosmetic space but that doesn't mean that you can cut through all the chatter too. If you're not quite sure where to start or have started but are unhappy with the level of traction you're currently experiencing, then perhaps you're missing out on one of this stellar social media tactics. Mark our words these are the very tried and tested strategies that all the biggest social media gurus in the cosmetics industry are using right now, so you have every chance of making them work for you!

6 essential strategies the cosmetic industry giants use in their social media campaigns

The Power of Testimonials

We all appreciate the power of the influencer and the weight they can carry when it comes to giving instant visibility to emerging products. They don't come cheap though, right? In case you don't have the Kardashians on speed dial and your startup budget is woeful to say the least, you should still tap into genuine and reputable authentic reviews. Whether that's an Instagram user who only has a few 100 personal followers to a beauty magazine or ezine with thousands of subscribers, don't shy away from plugging and promoting their reviews of your products. Each individual blogger or customer attracts their own unique set of viewers so by incorporating contributions from all sources great and small, you will tap into a much larger and more diverse audience. This is precisely the strategy that the latest powerhouse brands like Drunk Elephant are adopting with huge success. You'll regularly see selfies uploaded and attaching great feedback from unknown faces.

Ensure that you Promote a Consistent and Relevant Image

Identifying and being clear about who you are marketing your products towards is the first step toward determining your brand strategy. Visualise a persona and ensure you constantly convey that brand persona through all your marketing and social media communications. From your hashtags to your graphics, your textual content to the colors and fonts you adopt, they should all instantly be recognisable as belonging to your brand. Just check out what Herbivore Botanicals are doing with their #beyondcleanbeauty. The beauty of nature is apparent throughout all their imagery.

Be Easily Accessible and quick to Engage and Respond.

Foster an open, honest, direct and accessible relationship with your customers. Do your best to answer all of their feedback and always be respectful of your followers. They are your business and their opinion of you matters, so try and get back to their comments on your social media channels as quickly as possible. You can tackle any negativity head on and repair any potential threats to your brand reputation by being pro-active. Encourage them to interact with your posts and to send in their own videos and selfies using your products so that you can share them with the wider community. You can foster a real sense of brand engagement this way and if you throw in some competitions and giveaways too, you will see your interactions with your buyers' skyrocket. Sunday Riley never passes up on an opportunity to interact with their followers and are regularly doing shout outs.

Don't Just Stick to the One Social Media Platform.

Sharing is caring! Make sure that your content is available across all your social media platforms and is kept up to date. There's so much new innovation coming through the social media sites that can help keep your brand remain fresh and relevant, even if your product portfolio is limited. Brands like Anastasia Beverly Hills are experts at maximising their social media channels.

Ensure that you Remain Relatable

To stay on top of your game, you need to remain relevant. It's a fast-paced world out there in social media land and the goal posts are forever changing, so you need to keep abreast of the latest online trends to make sure you don't fall behind the competition. Always be striving of ways to bring your brand to life and incorporate shout outs, trending in-app features, along with on brand emojis and hashtags. In the competitive world of cosmetics and beauty brand social media, this will help propel your brand toward success. Hourglass Cosmetic is a prime example of this.

Always Strive to Add Value

Go that step further by providing genuine advice to your consumers and actively contributing to the conversations your followers are engaged in. Put forward your own Pro Tips and make the most of each and every online interaction you have with them. They'll love you even more for your honesty, authenticity and approachability. Huda Kattan of the stellar cosmetics brand, Huda Beauty, is the Queen of accessibility.

Remember, everyone started out somewhere, so don't get overwhelmed if your following is slow to come. If you stick to these 6 essential strategies on how to use social media to boost your beauty brand online, the results of your campaigns will quickly elevate to the next level.

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